NIA iPlug

NIA EV makes the most affordable electric vehicles (EVs), with quality and safe design and production, using NIA EV’s advanced
patented In-Wheel EV technology.
NIA EV’s technology offers the most efficient path to a sustainable transport of the future.
  • No hybrids
  • No hydrocarbons
  • No hype
Totally mobile Internet connected, NIA iPlug offers a total customer experience and life style and is fun to drive while environmentally responsible. 

NIA EV iPlug offers not only competitive and affordable prices ( < $29K USD), it further offers a total consumer experience, including key advantages, such as a significant drop in running costs, reduciton of noise, and the complete elimination of tailpipe emissions.

The Only Full Electric Vehicle (FEV)
in the industry with:

  • Advanced In-Wheel Motor
  • WiFi Equipped
  • Touch Panel Controls

Tremendous Benefits
  • Financial Benefits
  • Operational Benefits
  • Environmental Benefits

Value & Quality
Our success is fueled by our passion for innovation and our relentless commitment to deliver quality and value to our customers.

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Human Resources
NIA EV holds favorable odds for success in the execution of its mission and strategies due to its seasoned and experienced management team.

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Core R&D Strength
The strength of NIA’s core R&D competence is, not only in superb patented In-Wheel electric vehicle design and production, but also in EV components design and manufacturing.

What is In-Wheel Technology