Size - 2 doors 4 seats
NIA iPlug offers an ideal size for city and urban driving. 
Price < $29,000 USD
NIA iPlug is affordable to end consumers and offers competitive pricing to the fleet buyers.
Battery & BMS
2 types of battery options, LFP or LTO. NIA iPlug offers advanced BMS capabilities, which achieved extended driving range.
Innovative VCU
iPlug is eauipped with innovative VCU to control vehicle functions and to enhance acceleration and performance
Light Weight
NIA EV iPlug’s total weight, including battery, is only 950 kg (2,094 pound), less than any other similar electric vehicles in the market.
Long Driving Rang
NIA iPlug offers a range of 100 miles or 160 km, in comparison with Toyota Scion EV, which has a range of 50 miles or 80.5 km