NIA iPlug 

Core R&D Strength

NIA iPlug EV is a product of 3 years of research and development with substantial commitment of funds and resources, as well as diligent contributions of highly experienced and skilled
  • engineers,
  • designers, 
  • safety experts,
  • manufacturing experts. 
The strength of NIA’s core R&D competence is, not only in superb patented In-Wheel electric vehicle design and production, but also in EV components design and manufacturing. 

NIA iPlug’s IN-WHEEL technology, as well as other advanced features, place iPlug at the forefront of EV offerings and creates, by creating a total consumer experience and a life style vehicle, which would appeal to the younger generations and professionals, as well as to those seeking practical means of transportation, ranging from small families to large organizational owners and or operators.

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NIA’s core competence, not only in vehicle design and production, but also in vehicle components design and manufacturing, such as: 

EV inverters, 
electric motors, 
battery management systems (BMS), 
vehicle control units (VCU), 
mobile and connectivity devices, 
EV components. 

NIA's core competence enables NIA EV to deliver the state of the art in

EV design, 
vehicle engineering, 
technological innovations. 

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