If you have a question about
  • reserving the innovated NIA iPlug Electric Vehicle, 
  • taking advantages of manufacture's pre-order coupon,
  • doubling the value of your today's dollars, 
please contact:

Carson Ghosn

South Korea
Jimmy Way

Lewis Yi Liu

Middle East
Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Thani


If you're interested in becoming a dealer of the most advanced NIA iPlug Full Electric Vehicle (FEV), please contact:

George M. Thomas

South Korea
Jake Shim

Alan Zhiwen Zheng

Middle East
Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Thani


If you have a media enquiry about NIA iPlug Electric Vehicle, a life style car, please contact:

USA / Asia
Michael Kim (English, Korean, 한국의)

Caesar Y. Tian (English, Chinese 中文)

Middle East
Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Thani (English, Arabic العربية )


 If you're interested in investing in the ultimate NIA EV, please contact:

Lucy Rogers

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